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odd job expert. 

mixed-media sculptor.

intrepid explorer. 


Molly invites you to rethink your preconceptions of art to further include disposable technology and ephemeral experience.  Just when does a tuna sandwich shared with friends become a masterpiece? Is that collection of neckties a closet installation? Why isn’t that bottle cap worth an essay? Begging these questions and many others, she slums it in her Aristocrat trailer out West, observing waves and rattlesnakes, dreaming carelessly, experimenting in freeform research.

Contrastingly, she does not go to her studio alone.  Instead she is accompanied by all she has acquired in her many adventures- from bottle caps and butter wrappers to wallpaper samples and many, many pens; she is surrounded by responsibility to that which she has hoarded.

In her opinion, an artist is supposed to create a new attitude towards an object, giving insight into its understood nature.  This can happen in a brushstroke, an accumulation, or a simple study in re-appropriation. Her job is more as a hostess to a party where objects and minds meet and enjoy each other’s company than as a genuine creator of new ideas.

She believes that all aesthetic endeavors undertaken by individuals are intrinsically conceptual, and that the seduction of craftsmanship leads to the most enduring afterglow. She thinks of herself as being a purposeful artist- one who creates objects to serve a purpose instead of a concept, regardless of craft tradition and conceit.

So, visit here with open-minded anticipation, and enjoy a challenging stay. May the physical world prove more rich and varied for the experience.

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